warehouse painting

Get the best results by hiring a company that is experienced with painting.

Most properties don’t require a great deal of embellishment to give them a stylish appearance. Even so, they do need to be clean, neat and organized to make them safer, more comfortable to employees, and more efficient. Painting from floor to ceiling is one of the simplest ways to give a worn-out property a new face but it is not a job that should be taken lightly. There are a number of factors that must be considered before starting a painting project.

If you are considering only painting one area of the property, it is more cost-effective to do the entire job at one time. Once a part of the interior has been given a new coat, the rest is likely to look old and unappealing in comparison. You may not realize that the walls have become yellowed, dirty, or otherwise flawed. Don’t wait until you have a freshly coated ceiling to realize that painting the property from top to bottom would have been the best choice.

Knowledgable Crew

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Best Equipment

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Important considerations for real estate painting

You will need to work with the painters to choose:

Type of paint


Paint color


Best type of primer

A common practice in many manufacturing facilities is to paint the walls white. Choosing the proper paint and manufacturer will avoid the yellowing of white paint.
warehouse painting

Other Real Estate Services

Here are some other Kat Klean services you might be interested in.



We can help you provide organized traffic flow with clearly marked parking stalls for vehicles to park. 

KAT Klean can lay out your new parking lot or re-stripe your current stalls.


Surface Restoration

Surface Restoration

KAT Klean is experienced in multiple methods to address your horizontal or vertical surface restoration needs. Avoid etching your surface! Our methods include baking soda blasting, European or wet blasting, and steam cleaning.



Protect your concrete from moisture and salts. Increase the life span of your parking garage, sidewalks, waterfalls, brick pavers and other masonry products. KAT Klean is a licensed applicator for L&M and Euclid. 


Pigeon Cleaning

Pigeon droppings may carry many diseases and are like an acid eating into your surface. Cleaning up after pigeons and preventing future nesting will only help maintain the value of your property.


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