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Efflorescence occurs from the leaching of salts in concrete warehouse flooring. Water or humidity tend to activate the salt to the concrete’s surface. In spite of its density, concrete is a porous material with many channels through which this salt can be carried. Once the water reaches the surface through hydrostatic pressure, the contact with the air causes evaporation and leaves the deposits of salt behind. The white appearance that results is sometimes referred to as “whiskering” and it is considered aesthetically unappealing. Efflorescence is white and powdery in appearance and typically has a “broken map” pattern. While efflorescence is predominately white, different salts can result in different colors including green, brown and yellow.

Efflorescence is an age-old problem that continues to offer challenges to those looking for a complete solution. There are numerous sources of water-soluble salts and multiple methods by which water can make its way into building foundations. Since the problem begins at the foundation of the floor and is exhibited on the surface, no permanent method of treating efflorescence is available. Putting a waterproof seal on the floor’s surface will prevent water from being absorbed through the floor’s surface but it will only trap water and salts beneath the surface that have travelled upward. However, Kat Klean does offer a temporary solution that has been proven effective. It will darken the warehouse flooring to give it a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Moisture, water-soluble salts and a path where the salt-bearing water can travel must all be present in order for efflorescence to occur. Part of the difficulty in finding a permanent solution is that the salts and water may come from internal or external sources. Hydrostatic pressure occurs naturally and cannot be prevented. It is important to note that treating efflorescence after it occurs requires more than a basic surface cleaner. Kat Klean relies on a combination of experience and top quality products and equipment to provide you with solutions that are right for your warehouse floor. Whether you want to achieve the best results for your own work place or to give potential tenants the best representation of your warehouse, you can count on us to produce the best results the first time, every time.

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