Odor Removal
Odor Removal

Some materials leave odors behind that permeate the surface of the floor and other storage materials

Regardless of how perfect the appearance of your warehouse may be, leasing the space may become difficult because of the products that were stored there in the past. If there are lingering odors permeating the surface of the floor and other storage materials, odor removal will be necessary before the space can be used again. KAT Klean has developed a proven method of warehouse odor removal that will get rid of difficult odors and make it more appealing to new tenants.

Unmatched Experience

KAT Klean successfully removed the remaining rubber odor from a 400,000 square foot warehouse that housed Firestone tires.

Large Service Area

KAT Klean not only offers warehouse odor removal, but we travel throughout the Southwestern United States to provide to business operators that care about getting the best results.

Simply masking the warehouse odors is not an effective approach to the problem

Rubber is just one of many materials that are stored in warehouses that have a strong, offensive smell. While some warehouse owners want to remove warehouse odor because it acts as a repellent to otherwise interested tenants, there are also those that are caused by chemicals, mold or other materials that can be dangerous to breathe. Odors may be airborne or have absorbed into the surface of your floor and walls.

Odor removal isn’t just important for creating a better rental space for other businesses. Lingering odors can result in an uncomfortable workplace for your employees. If odors from previous tenants in your warehouse seem impossible to remove, contact us to get the best possible results. Often, we can remove warehouse odor that you or other cleaning companies have not been successful with. Don’t risk the discomfort or the health of your workers when our methods may be the answer to eliminating odors from your warehouse and creating a pleasant, healthy environment.


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