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Parking lot sweeping is one of the most important real estate services we offer to all types of commercial customers. You don’t have to have a large volume business to incur problems with your parking lot because of unchecked debris. Too often, an unreliable lot sweeping service is to blame for the condition of the parking lot, and you may not have even realized that it has been neglected. Without professional and reliable services that you can count on, your parking lot could end up costing you a great deal for repairs from the humidity, heat, and debris that can increase the rate of deterioration.


It isn’t just dust and trash that the occasional visitor throws out on the parking lot that you need to be concerned with. Simply having traffic on the lot at all will result in loose dirt, gravel, and grit building up on the parking lot’s surface. Without regular lot sweeping, the accumulation of debris will lead to damage in the form of shedding, pot holes, and erosion of the surface. Regardless of the type of sealant or coating that you have had applied, abrasion from these types of debris will have an impact. This is true whether your parking lot sees more traffic from vehicles or from those on foot.

Parking lot sweeping is also important to the safety of your lot. Any type of materials that are left to build up can pose a hazard to your customers and/or employees. They can also result in environmental issues. All types of things end up on parking lots and many of them can lead to the increased risk of slips and falls. Not only will keeping your parking lot clean protect your customers and employees from accidental injuries, it can prevent you from having lawsuits as a result.

If you are tired of worrying whether the cleaning service you hired for lot sweeping is doing a good job, give us a call. At Kat Klean Inc. we use a two man sweeping crew to ensure you get the best possible results every time we sweep. The second man uses a commercial backpack blower to blow debris in front of the sweeper truck for the most comprehensive clean possible. We also offer a variety of complementary real estate services to help keep your entire business clean inside and out. Protect your parking lot and keep it looking its best to make sure your customers get the right first impression every time they visit your business.

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