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Get your cold storage facility and freezers cleaned and looking new again

Cleaning of cold storage facilities and freezers requires specific knowledge of which methods to use for different facilities. Not using the correct method or chemical can cause irreversible damage to your facility or create issues such as mold or ice build-up. We all know the issues related to the exposure to mold, whether it be nasal and sinus congestion, breathing difficulties, skin and eye irritation, or upper respiratory infections.

Having KAT Klean clean your cold storage facility and freezers will effectively result in a safer and more effective working environment as well as making sure you pass all Health and Food Safety regulations.

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Other Warehouse Services

Here are some other KAT Klean services you might be interested in.

Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

KAT Klean will clean your floors using the industry’s largest industrial scrubber. A variety of brushes are used to provide the best results. We can also remove forklift marks and other stains and polish concrete floors.

Rafter Cleaning

Rafter Cleaning

Regularly cleaning warehouse rafters prevents debris from collecting, which may fall and lead to contamination of other products or processes. Some materials can damage equipment or ignite fires or cause explosions.

Odor Removal

Odor Removal

Warehouses often have unpleasant odors left behind by previously stored materials. We have developed a proven method for warehouse odor removal that will get rid of difficult odors and make it more appealing to new tenants.


Epoxy Coatings

Hard trowel concrete has unique characteristics making paint bonding difficult. Whether specifications require etching the surface or applying yellow paint directly to the surface, we have a proven process that ensures the best results.


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