Parking Lot Cleaning


Parking lots often serve as the target for all types of debris and dirt. Regular sweeping of the parking lot will help prevent surface damage that can result from friction of dirt and gravel that gets carried onto the surface.

Parking lot cleaning goes further to remove residues and build-up that seeps into the surface and can’t be removed by simply sweeping. It is also a necessary first step before re-striping or painting the surface.

The challenge to business owners is to obtain a clean parking lot while adhering to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) guidelines on waste recovery.

How does it work?

As part of our comprehensive real estate services, Kat Klean Inc. uses the Power Boss Commander T90 industrial floor cleaner to get ultimate results.

Benefits of the Power Boss Commander T90:


Has 100-gallon holding capacity to store large volumes of wastewater and meet EPA guidelines.


Has the capability to simultaneously scrub the surface of the parking lot while vacuuming up the wastewater and storing it until it can be emptied later.


It's the most advanced cleaning machine of its kind and it will prevent any damage from occurring to the concrete.

The proper equipment is imperative for doing the best possible job at cleaning the parking lot efficiently and effectively. We can also help you with any ADA concerns you may have in re-striping your parking lot according to ADA guidelines.
Other companies offer rental services that let the company clean the parking lot themselves. Cleaning a parking lot without the experience and quality equipment that Kat Klean offers is not likely to give you comparable results. In fact, our warehouse and real estate services are so unique that we travel outside the Dallas and Fort Worth area to provide our customers with the services they need to improve their work environment and give their business a more impressive look. One of the best ways to give your customers the best possible first impression is with a clean and well-marked parking lot.

Knowledgable Crew

The person operating the equipment should have the experience and training to assess the situation and provide the best results.

Best Service

You can always count on us to provide you with the fastest, most efficient services at a cost that is affordable.

Other Real Estate Services

Here are some other KAT Klean services you might be interested in.



We can help you provide organized traffic flow with clearly marked parking stalls for vehicles to park.

KAT Klean can lay out your new parking lot or re-stripe your current stalls.


Surface Restoration

Surface Restoration

KAT Klean is experienced in multiple methods to address your horizontal or vertical surface restoration needs. Avoid etching your surface! Our methods include baking soda blasting, European or wet blasting, and steam cleaning.



Protect your concrete from moisture and salts. Increase the life span of your parking garage, sidewalks, waterfalls, brick pavers and other masonry products. KAT Klean is a licensed applicator for L&M and Euclid.


Bird Cleaning/Prevention

Bird droppings may carry many diseases and are like an acid eating into your surface. Cleaning up after Birds and preventing future nesting will only help maintain the value of your property.


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