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Floor Cleaning
How do I clean a warehouse floor without flooding the floor?
KAT Klean, Inc. will pressure wash the perimeter and pole areas and use the industry’s largest industrial scrubber to clean and collect waste water. A variety of brushes are used to provide the best results.

Can you remove forklift marks and other stains?
Forklift marks, removal of old paint lines or other difficult stains can be reduced or completely removed with our proven methods.

Can you polish a concrete floor?
Yes! We will finish the job by polishing the concrete floor with 3M black buff pads. This provides
the maximum reflectivity of light off your concrete floor giving that extra pop to show off
your warehouse.

Sealing Concrete Floors
What is the difference between a hardener and sealing product?
KAT Klean is a licensed applicator for Euclid and L&M. When requested, using our service will allow you to receive a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty and a five year labor warranty. We will help choose between a penetrating sealer or hardener.

Treating Efflorescence
My floor is turning white! What can you do?
Efflorescence is the leaching of salts from your concrete. This causes a whiting of your floor and in extreme cases, stalagmites. Currently, there are no proven long-term solutions.
KAT KLean can provide a temporary solution. Our proven method will darken your floor and allow a prospective tenant to review your warehouse in the best possible condition.

Odor Removal
My prior tenant stored rubber tires? What can you do to remove the odor?
Having difficulty leasing a space because of a past tenant’s product? KAT Klean has a proven method to remove a difficult odor. Specifically, we removed the tire smell from a 400,000 square foot Firestone warehouse distribution center. Please contact us for a complete review of this integrate process.

Removing Glue From Old Tile or Carpet
My prior tenant’s office space needs to demolished for my new tenant. Can you remove the glue from the old carpet or tile?
KAT Klean’s experience will provide quality removal without damaging your concrete floor.

Cleaning of Rafters
What is the best way to remove cobwebs and other grime from my ceiling?
KAT Klean offers both hand cleaning and pressure washing to ensure the best results are provided.

Hand cleaning of racking
My food warehouse needs the individual racks cleaned?
KAT Klean will hand clean your racking with both backpack vacuums with HEPA filters and special clothes manufactured to collect dust. This process reduces airborne particles.

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