Hand Cleaning of Racking
Hand Cleaning of Racking

A clean warehouse is a more productive warehouse

One of the drawbacks to warehouse cleaning for many companies is the lack of availability of cleaning companies that specialize in this specific type of service. The cleaning of warehouse racking is different from one facility to the next depending on their purpose and practices.

Some warehouses may require rack dusting, and it can be easy to think of it as a simple job that you can take on yourself. The problem with this is that the materials used in the facility end up to some degree in the dust that is on the racks. Using any traditional method of dusting will lead to a large number of airborne particles that can be inhaled by the employees as the work in the facility. We use backpack vacuums with HEPA filters to dust the racks without the high volume of airborne particles. We also use special clothes that are designed to catch dust. Both methods of hand cleaning are effective and result in a safer environment for everyone.

Knowledgable Crew

We have the expertise to provide you with the best results at a reasonable cost, no matter how small or significant the job may be.


Wide Service Area

Because of our unique warehouse specialties, Kat Klean Inc. offers a wide range of cleaning services to the entire Texas region and beyond.

Hiring professional cleaners is the most effective way to get each rack its cleanest

Not only is rack cleaning important to the safety and health of the employees, it also makes an impact on their attitude. Keeping the warehouse clean and making it more aesthetically pleasing will make a difference in the importance they give their job and in how much they enjoy performing it. Rack dusting can be made a regular part of cleaning maintenance so that the facility is kept clean and you don’t end up waiting until the job turns into a massive undertaking.

Often, warehouse owners find themselves looking for a reliable company to take care of the warehouse cleaning after tenants move out so that it is ready to show to the next potential tenant. Even those warehouses that have been kept clean from floor to ceiling will need to be cleaned before another tenant moves in. Unseen contaminants can be present and can still cause harm to the employees or to the new products that will be manufactured there. Individual rack cleaning is the only way to ensure the warehouse is ready for the next tenant.

Other Warehouse Services

Here are some other KAT Klean services you might be interested in.

Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

KAT Klean will clean your floors using the industry’s largest industrial scrubber. A variety of brushes are used to provide the best results. We can also remove forklift marks and other stains and polish concrete floors.

Rafter Cleaning

Rafter Cleaning

Regularly cleaning warehouse rafters prevents debris from collecting, which may fall and lead to contamination of other products or processes. Some materials can damage equipment or ignite fires or cause explosions.

Odor Removal

Odor Removal

Warehouses often have unpleasant odors left behind by previously stored materials. We have developed a proven method for warehouse odor removal that will get rid of difficult odors and make it more appealing to new tenants.


Epoxy Coatings

Hard trowel concrete has unique characteristics making paint bonding difficult. Whether specifications require etching the surface or applying yellow paint directly to the surface, we have a proven process that ensures the best results.


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