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Parking Lot Sweeping
Tired of wondering “if” your lot was swept last night?
KAT Klean, Inc. offers a TWO MAN sweeping crew. Using a commercial backpack blower, one individual is responsible for blowing all debris in front of our sweeper truck. This truly provides a superior cleaning of your property!

Parking Lot Cleaning
How do you clean a parking lot and not have EPA issues?
KAT Klean uses an industrial power scrubber to clean and collect waste water. Our process adheres to the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines on waste water recovery. This process offers a fast, efficient method of cleaning your parking lot in preparation of re-striping or laying paint.

ADA concerns? What are the correct measurements for handicap stalls?
KAT Klean can layout your new parking lot or re-stripe your current stalls. Having over 20 years of industry experience, we can tackle all your ADA (Americans With Disability Act) concerns.

How can you protect your parking garage, sidewalks and other masonry?
Protect your concrete from moisture and salts. Increase the life span of your parking garage, sidewalks, waterfalls, brick pavers and other masonry products. KAT Klean is a licensed applicator for L&M and Euclid. Let us help you navigate through the multiple products in the marketplace and chose what will best solve your needs.

Surface Restoration and Graffiti Removal
Can you remove that stain or graffiti without etching the surface?
KAT Klean is experienced in multiple methods to address either your horizontal or vertical needs. Avoid etching your surface! Our methods include: baking soda blasting, European or wet blasting, and steam cleaning.

Pressure Washing
I need mildew and other grime cleaned. But can you collect your waste water?
Avoid issues with your local municipality. KAT Klean offers an industrial pressure washing cleaning with waste water recovery to ensure your scope of work adheres to the EPA’s guidelines. Kat Klean offers a two gun operation with a 300 gallon recovery system.

Prepping or proper cleaning of any surface is the first step for a professional paint job. KAT Klean will finish the job with a Sherwin Williams product to paint your fencing, concrete block, drywall or and other items needing to be spruced up.


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