Sealing Concrete Floors

Protect the quality of your concrete

Sealing a concrete floor is an important step in protecting the quality of your concrete, regardless of whether it is an indoor area or one that is exposed to the elements outside. An industrial warehouse floor that endures a lot of heavy traffic and is exposed to various types of debris and abrasions is especially vulnerable to damage. Although concrete is known for its durability and strength, it is a porous material that requires a degree of prevention and ongoing care to preserve its integrity and keep it looking and performing its best for years to come. Even absorbing water can lead to structural problems and change its appearance.

Sealing a concrete floor will give it longer life, a better appearance and require less maintenance

While the minute dust particles that are a threat to wood floors are not typically a concern with those made of concrete, larger debris, along with oil, grease and other liquids can lead to serious problems if left over time. Without the appropriate sealer, water, oil and grease can penetrate the surface of the concrete.  Which may which result in efflorescence or compromising the structural integrity of the concrete.  In addition, the sealant will protect the concrete against abrasion from normal activity in your warehouse.

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